Alex Martin, Creative Director


Alex Martin has been working professionally with video for over twenty years. In 2016, Alex created Majestic Weddings of Vermont. For Alex, wedding videography is a perfect marriage of the run-and-gun shooting style he has grown accustomed to and his love of storytelling. “Shooting weddings is like walking onto a Hollywood set,” he has mused, “the stage is set, everyone is dressed to the nines and everyone, and I do mean everyone - vendor and guest alike - is there for one reason: to tell the story of this amazing couple.”

Alex likes to entreat each couple with unwavering dedication; for this reason, Majestic Weddings never takes on more than a handful of clients every season. Alex emphasizes taking the time to find out what makes his couples tick, and if necessary, meets with them more than once to determine the logistics and presentation of their wedding video. Equipped with this knowledge, Alex likes to blend into the seams on their big day - to the extent that that is possible. Alex only approaches his couples when absolutely necessary and makes a point of getting to know the event’s coordinator, photographer and band or DJ the day of so he can come to them with questions about timing, angles and sound, respectively. For Alex, “a good wedding videographer is noticeable, but not overbearing.” For this reason, Majestic Weddings of Vermont never has, nor ever will use carpet lighting. Why spend endless hours realizing the feel of your reception only to have it mired by a blanket of high powered lights?

Alex insists Majestic Weddings will never be a cookie-cutter wedding videography company. The editing stage is said to begin the moment you stop rolling, but for Alex, it frequently synthesizes even further back than that, often when he meets with a couple one last time to discuss the day’s itinerary in detail. It’s in this moment he starts tailoring the pacing, style and structure of each production to the couple - playing with time, the influence of special readings and speeches, a memorable song, as well as a myriad of other factors. His read on the couple is an exacting science; while not perfect, it has proven satisfactory time and time again. Indeed, Majestic Weddings has a near perfect success rate. “We usually only have to field minor revisions,” Alex relays, “like omitting the end of an Uncle’s speech here or adding back in a shot there.”

Alex lives in Essex Junction, VT with his daughter Poppy and his partner Jen. An avid photographer with a keen eye herself, Jen is frequently a second cameraperson or assistant on Majestic Wedding Productions and they work as well as a producing duo as they do as a couple. In his free time, Alex appreciates skiing, hiking, camping and sailing in the great outdoors. He is also an ardent cineaste, always studying film and applying his cinematic language to his own productions.